Instruction Kits for Country Painting #4

Instruction Kits for Country Painting #4


The contents of each kit include an actual color photo of a good example of the finished project, and a sheet of true, hand painted color samples. (The color sample sheet is the same in all the kits.) You also get a full size tracing of the pattern, a supply list, and several pages of step-by-step instructions for each phase of the work applying paints, varnish, the design, and the finish. They are packed in a heavy clear plastic envelope that is ideal for storage.

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One of six kits of instruction for specific Country Painting projects, produced by HSEAD. This is kit number 4, for a small trunk. These should be of great help to a beginner who does not have ready access to a teacher, or is working alone. The purpose of each kit is to instruct you on how to paint this particular pattern. They are not meant to be general instruction in Country Painting but to be a specific lesson of the particular piece. The supplies needed and the trunk itself are not included in the kit.