Instruction Kits for Stenciling, #6

Instruction Kits for Stenciling, #6


1) Large size accurate color photo of the finished design, 2)Full-size drawing of the design to use for correct placement of stencils, 3)Traceable impressions of all the stencils needed for the design, 4) Complete instruction necessary for the project from the preparation of the piece to the final finish, 5) General instruction for the application of the bronzing powders to create the design, 6) Additional step-by-step direction not covered in the general instructions but necessary for the particular pattern in the kit, 7) Formulas for mixing paint and applying color washes to various units of the design, 8) Supply list for all tools and products necessary to the project, 9) List of sources and suppliers, 10) HSEAD membership requirements for stenciling

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The Historical Society of Early American Decoration, Inc. offers six patterns for bronze-powder stenciling. This is kit #6, for a wooden box. They can be used by those who do not have access to instruction from a teacher. These designs are not too difficult for the novice stenciler, and yet are authentic and accurate. Each kit contains all the necessary information needed to complete the stencil pattern contained therein. The supplies needed and the box itself are not included in the kit.