Gold Leaf Painting (DVD)

Gold Leaf Painting (DVD)


One DVD, To-scale tracing patterns, 4×6″ Full color picture of featured design with color illustrations of details on the reverse, Complete resources and supplies list

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With its delicate elegance and luminosity, gold leaf remains as irresistible to artists today as it was to early American decorators who featured it extensively in their designs. Carol Heinz will guide you through in-depth, step-by-step demonstrations of gold leaf painting. Learn how to construct your own pouncing tool to avoid scratching the gold’s soft surface and how to prepare, execute, refine and repair your gold leaf designs. This lovely art form produces exquisite designs and also is frequently incorporated as a stunning accent to other early American decorative disciplines, such as freehand bronze, reverse glass painting, and Victorian flower painting. As you learn and practice with this video, you will develop the craftsmanship required to master the enclosed design and others available from HSEAD. The instructor demonstrates techniques that are valuable to participants in the HSEAD awards program. Carol Heinz, a Master Craftsman and Brazer Guild member of HSEAD, is an award-winning artist who specializes in gold leaf painting.