Theorem Painting – Oil On Velvet & Watercolor on Paper (DVD)

Theorem Painting – Oil On Velvet & Watercolor on Paper (DVD)


Two DVDs, Five to-scale tracing patterns with color instructions, Full color pictures of the featured design, Complete resources and supplies list.

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Learn to render lovely, historically authentic Theorem paintings using oil on velvet and watercolors on paper. Three experts of this traditional art form will guide you through in-depth, step-by-step demonstrations of their exceptional Theorem techniques. Theorem painting is achieved by applying oil or watercolors through a series of stencil layers to methodically develop a color picture featuring depth-enhancing highlights and shadows. Prevalent motifs are flowers, fruits and butterflies. This delicate art form evolved in an endeavor to emulate the soft surfaces of pith paintings that arrived in England from China during the 18th century. Theorem painting thrived in America where it was taught in early 19th century girls’ academies. The Historical Society of Early American Decoration proudly presents this video as part of its educational mission to preserve and reproduce 18th and 19th Century designs.

Alice Smith, a retired curator of education at Connecticut Valley Historical Museum, holds a BS in Education from Westfield State College. Alice teaches Early American Decoration (EAD) and has won several awards for her EAD work. Alice is a Certified Decorative Artist with he Society of Decorative Painters, and serves on HSEAD’s Theorem Judging team. Dolores Furnari holds a Certificate in Decorative Art from Fitchburg State College and is HSEAD’s 2008 Chairman of Judging and Standards for Theorem painting. Dolores is a traditional artist and EAD painter who teaches private workshops and seminars throughout New England. Inez Gornall is a graduate of the Vesper George College of Art in Boston where she majored in Commercial Art with an emphasis on watercolor painting. An award winning artist, Inez offers EAD instruction, and is an international Porcelain Art teacher.