Traditional Country Painting: Early American Decorative Painting on Tin (VHS)

Traditional Country Painting: Early American Decorative Painting on Tin (VHS)


Two DVDs, Full-size (7.75 x 9.75″) pattern, A color swatch, so that you can match your colors perfectly, A complete list of supplies and resource information

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In this set of two DVDs, Lois Tucker, a specialist in the art of country painting, and co-author of American Painted Tinware, Volumes 1 – 4, introduces you to this historically authentic style of American decorative painting in a thorough, step by step lesson. From her studio in Maine, Lois will demonstrate how to paint an Early American design on a one-sheet waiter (cut corner tray). You will see each stage, from preparing tin and practicing the different brush strokes, to transferring and painting the pattern on the tray, and varnishing the finished piece. Then Lois reviews some advanced country painting techniques, such as painted bands, fingering, and wet-technique. This is hands-on instruction at its finest! You will observe the application of expert techniques in every detail, and learn the skills that have been honed and practiced over the years in the manner of traditional country painting on tin. A unique primer on the art of Country Painting, this set of two videos will also help you develop and improve brush strokes that are basic to other styles of decorative painting. The instructor demonstrates techniques that are valuable to applicants for Guild membership in HSEAD.