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Center for Painted Walls

CPWP is dedicated to the research and preservation of eighteenth and early nineteenth century American paint-decorated plaster walls. Our goal is to survey and document these walls, in situ or in collections, to further the appreciation of this rare and vulnerable art form and serve as a resource for the preservation of painted plaster walls for future generations.

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Dorothy Fillmore Studio

As a realist painter, Dorothy specializes in Sharp-Focus Still Life Oil Painting (Trompe l’Oeil). Throughout the entire process of creating still life paintings, she pays meticulous attention to detail, to development of color value, and to a sense of depth created by layers of paints and glazes. This approach to the painted surface closely resembles the chiaroscuro style of early Dutch still life painters.

Dorothy’s portraits are painted in the style of 18th and 19th century American and English portraitists. Clients can choose portraits that are faithful reproductions of antique originals or can commission period-style interpretations painted with a likeness from photographic reference. These are especially fitting for those looking to furnish their period homes with art.

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Astrid Donnellan's Clock Painting

Decorated ( hand painted) antique clock dials and glass paintings (1790-1860) need constant attention. Through time, environment and use, they become victims of deterioration and neglect. It is important  that they be stabilized and restored to as near original condition as possible to maintain their value. It is equally important to select an artist trained in the proper procedures in treating surfaces of iron, metal and glass and one who has knowledge and experience in the traditional artistic techniques.

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