Details and Benefits

Benefits of Membership

  • Annual spring meetings featuring exhibitions, programs, demonstrations, tours and lectures.
  • Annual three-day working seminars, offering a variety of classes.
  • Ability to join a regional HSEAD chapter.
  • Authoritative HSEAD journal, THE DECORATOR.
  • Bi-annual newsletter featuring timely articles.
  • Use of the Lending Library of Design (LLD), an extensive collection of historical decorative patterns.
  • Access to the HSEAD photography collection, with photographs of award-winning member designs.
  • Research Center
  • The camaraderie of others with similar interests in early American decoration.

Cost of Membership

12 Month Membership


Membership runs from January to December.

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Anyone with an interest in early American decoration can become an Member of HSEAD. As such, you will receive the semi-annual Decorator Magazine, the newsletter, and other announcements. You may attend the annual spring business meeting, art exhibition, and weekend conference, and fall workshops. You may join a chapter, and take advantage of HSEAD teachers. There are chapters in many states, particularly the Eastern ones. There are also individual members throughout the country and the world. If you have any interest in Early American Decoration, we welcome you as a  Member.

Applicant Member

As an applicant, you are an official candidate for Brazer Guild membership, implying a commitment to complete the requirements for such. You have the same membership benefits as an Associate, plus the support and encouragement of others in your effort to acquire the skills you will need.  An Applicant is, in effect, an apprentice in the craft.

Brazer Guild Member

An Applicant is awarded Brazer Guild membership when (s)he has satisfied others that (s)he has achieved a level of expertise in the skills of Early American Decoration. Brazer Guild membership is open to any person “actively participating in the art of Early American Decoration,” who has served as an Applicant and completed the membership requirements. Brazer Guild members may vote on Society issues, and enjoy the prestige of being recognized for their ability in the craft. The work submitted must include one stenciled piece on tin or wood, and one country painting piece. The work need not be of “museum quality,” but is expected to show some knowledge of the technique being used, and adherence to the rules regarding the use of that technique. These pieces will be judged at the annual spring conference and art exhibition. The Applicant will receive notice of deadlines and rules for submission of articles from the Applicant Chairman.

Brazer Guild Membership


To become a Brazer Guild member, an Applicant must submit six weeks prior to the first day of the spring meeting, and have approved by the Judging Committee of the Society, two finished articles which cover all points outlined in the Society’s Guidance Sheets.

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